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A week at UWC Maastricht: Bald4aCause and International Women's Day

22 March 2021

Although Anna and Hannah (UWC Maastricht Class of 2021) are both second year students who are in one of the busiest periods of their experience, they have been actively participating in Bald4aCause and the activities surrounding International Women's Day on their campus! Find out how they look back at them:

"Bald4aCause is an initiative taken on by 4 students this year. Their goal? Getting people to sign up to potentially go bald, and to raise money. Students set their own goal at which they'd go bald. Some people were happy going bald for €10, others needed some more convincing. The money raised will be donated to GIRE, a Mexican organisation supporting women and fighting for reproductive justice. Hair that was long enough was also donated to the Dutch Haarbank organisation for cancer patients. For me, this was a very special as i had gone bald two moths earlier, and I was very excited for my friends to experience the same. In the end, a lot of people went bald, with some deciding in the moment! It felt very magical, having your whole community gathered for this event. To me, it also made me reflect and realise a lot about our society's beauty standards. This event also started a lot of conversations about this topic on campus. Our sense of community definitely got stronger because of this event, and it was amazing to see how, with the determination of the organisers, and by coming together as a community, we were able to raise so much money!" (Anna Irizar).

"Women's week is a week full of workshops, screenings, discussions, and activities organised by a group of women at UWC Maastricht (UWCM). It was organised for the first time this year, and we took this opportunity to reflect on our own interpretations of feminism, patriarchy, and how we can all learn and grow as individuals. For me, the most impactful event was a feminist play we held. Women from the UWCM community performed their stories in the form of poems, letters or written texts. The vulnerability, strength, pain, and emotion these woman showed, and which we all felt was powerful yet heartbreaking. We also installed a string in our canteen where everyone could hang up anonymous stories or drawings to share their experiences. I have seen many of my friends taking the time to read every single sheet of paper. Their eyes filled with tears as they realised how many of their female friends had experienced sexual assault, harassment, body image issues, and how heavy patriarchy weighted on our shoulders." (Hannah Dalaidenne).