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The two year course selection process consists of five steps

Step 1

Decide whether you want to attend a UWC college for the last two years of your secondary education (shorter is not possible).

Step 2

Check to see whether you are eligible to apply through the Belgian National Committee. Please note that none Belgian Nationals are also eligible and can only make use of the direct application procedure under VERY limited circumstances.

Step 3

Use the following link to complete and submit the relevant applications forms in advance of the deadline mentioned on the home page. Your guardians and teachers must also fill out forms via this electronic system. A first selection determines who is invited to step 4.

The deadline to hand in your application form is on Sunday 01 December 2019 at 23:59 Belgium time.

Step 4

Interviews, group discussion and writing two short essays, assessed by the 'Screening Committee'. This committee is mainly composed of ex-students. The interviews take place at the ‘King Baudouin Foundation’ in Brussels. 

This will take place on the 8th and 9th of February 2020 

Step 5

Candidates retained after Step 4 are subsequently interviewed by an independent 'Selection Committee', which takes the final decision. The interviews take place at the ‘King Baudouin Foundation’ in Brussels. The final interview will happen on the 7th of March 2020. 

Candidates must be able to participate personally in all the selection rounds. (step 4 and 5 )

If you are Belgian and do not live in Europe please contact us BEFORE the deadline to apply on about possible problems concerning attending the selection rounds.

Selected students embark on their UWC journey at the end of August or early September (January for students going to Waterford Kamhlaba UWC of Swaziland).