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Short Courses

Short Courses (SC) Belgium

We are delighted to present you the Belgian summer
course 2019 !

See video of the Belgian Short Course 2017:

Belgian Short course (13 - 25 July 2019)

Building and Crossing bridges

The Short Course is a 10 day non-formal educational summer program, in English,
where 40 participants aged 15 to 19 from different nationalities, cultures, religions
and socio-economic backgrounds come together in the Belgian Ardennes to make
education a force for a more peaceful and sustainable future.

The four main objectives are:

i. To build bridges across different cultures and create a unique and inclusive
ii. To gain a deeper understanding of some of the most urgent issues we face
today, such as migration, racism, conflict resolution and sustainable
iii. To raise self-awareness by reflecting on questions within the fields of identity
and culture.
iv. To develop skills which can be implemented to benefit local communities.

“Building and crossing bridges” will serve as metaphor throughout the Short Course.
The aim is to gather young people from diverse backgrounds in order to build one
united community where teenagers empower one another. They will be encouraged
to challenge themselves through workshops, physical and psychological activities,
social experiments, debates, theatre and games.
Acknowledging and understanding why we are so different often leads to more
constructive outcomes in our rapidly changing, diverse world. With this in mind we
emphasise empathetic communication and listening when becoming part of this powerful network of like-minded, young change makers, who stay in touch and work
together to improve their societies.

The course costs €450.

Scholarships (needs based) are available to applicants:

i. Living in Belgium
ii. Selected through UWC National Committees from Europe, Middle East and
Northern Africa
iii. A limited number of places are also available to (direct) applicants, without
scholarship needs, from Europe, Middle East and Northern Africa.

Eligibility criteria

i. Motivated to learn
ii. Enough English skills to be able to engage/enjoy the experience
iii. Living in Belgium, Europe, the Middle East or Northern Africa
iv. Between 15-19 years of age
v. Not having previously attended a UWC short course in Belgium or abroad.

How to apply

Applications are now closed.

We will inform you as soon as applications for UWC Short Course 2020 are open.